Arterial Fluids NATURE-GLO

Nature-Glo cosmetic arterial fluid needs no introduction to the funeral profession. Used by thousands of leading embalmers, Nature-Glo has long been considered the finest quality, arterial chemical. Its economy, measured preservative power, uniformity and superb cosmetic appeal are well known factors of merit. Arterial Index of 30

Nature-Glo is non-congealing in order to insure maximum drainage and penetration. It has a neutralizing effect on body acids. The remarkable cosmetic effect obtained with Nature-Glo is due to the fact that the coloring chemical distributes uniformly to every part of the body. Formaldehyde index is 30, with control chemicals to give maximum preservation and cosmetic effect.

Nature-Glo is a fool-proof fluid, perfectly balanced. Our test embalmers have abused Nature-Glo by injecting in extreme proportions, but in each case embalmed, the results have exceeded even our expectations. Nature-Glo is a proven product, as our many thousands of users will testify. From the Atlantic to the Pacific, Hydrol users have found in Nature-Glo the medium of improved embalming.

Proper control of preservatives insures medium slow action. The body will not be exceedingly firm, yet perfect preservation will be found in every part of the body. The color chemicals cannot pile up because ordinary arterial dyes are not used.

Here is a fluid which will stand the test of light. In daylight or artificial light you will find no variation. The light rays themselves are a factor in producing the glow which Nature-Glo gives to each case.

Nature-Glo is readily identified by its golden tint.

With the addition of Edem-x, an accessory chemical, Nature-Glo can be used to extract edematous body fluids, or strengthened with Saturol for use on problem cases such as frozen bodies or trauma cases.

This is a fluid that no prep room should be without.





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