Genelyn Embalming Products

Funeral homes equipped with functioning mortuaries will be familiar with the hazards of embalming

products. The constant exposure to these substances is a considerable health risk to embalmers and other

mortuary staff alike.

Through our constant laboratory experimentation and field trials, a new range of less toxic, nonflammable,

reduced hazard embalming chemicals has been developed. Extensive testing has proved

beyond doubt that this New Form Series is equal to, and in most cases far superior to, the 'traditional'

products currently available, with a much higher degree of safety!

New Form Series products have greatly reduced fuming. A significant portion of fuming normally

originates from flammable agents. Replacement of these agents results in a far more pleasant embalming


The benefits of our new range go far beyond immediate usage. The non-flammability of our products

ensures simplicity in storage and transportation.

Traditional, flammable ranges of embalming product are Dangerous Goods and require Dangerous Goods

declarations to be transported legally. Almost all New Form Series embalming products are not considered

Dangerous Goods.

Flammability of embalming products is a major concern in the design of the modern embalming facility.

Storage of flammable chemicals presents an immediate safety risk. The New Form Series greatly reduces

this risk, allowing a much larger quantity of product to be stored on-site.

Benefits include:

n Significantly Reduced Toxicity

n Significantly Reduced Fire Risk

n Significantly Reduced Exposure Levels

n Significantly Reduced Odour

n Significantly Increased Penetration and Rate of Distribution

n Significantly Increased Environmental Safety

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