Arterial Fluids DYNAMOL

Dynamol is a highly effective, quick acting arterial fluid designed for the difficult as well as the normal case. It is a multibase chemical that penetrates, promotes drainage and prevents dehydration. Dynamol is designed for use on tissue gas, frozen or refrigerated bodies, floaters, burned cases, cases of uremia, or cases where decomposition is well advanced.

Dynamol is formulated with three different preservatives to enhance its performance, particularly when the body has been treated with drugs and/or antibiotics. Dynamol contains Hydrol’s exclusive Hyrose Dye, which produces a pink blush shade in the body for a lifelike complexion.

Use four to six ounces of Dynamol per gallon of water for first injection. For subsequent injections, use eight to twelve ounces per gallon depending on the type of case, elapsed time, cause of death and individual requirements of firmness.

Arterial Index is 36





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