Accessory Fluids SATUROL

Saturol solves a problem confronting embalmers today, that of successfully embalming cases where tissue gas is present. A considerable number of bodies are found to have this condition. Tissue gas results in more embalming failures than any other condition.

Tissue gas is found in many cases of drowning, especially where the body has been in the water several days; cases with gangrenous tissue; and in sudden death and suicide cases where embalming is often delayed.

Tissue gas is caused by the welchii bacteria. The pressure of the gas prevents adequate penetration of regular arterial fluids. To successfully embalm these cases in the past, extreme measures have been necessary, and in the vast majority of such cases the caskets were closed. Most embalmers resort to hypodermic injection of such cases, but other chemicals used have not been designed for the job.

Saturol does just what its name implies. It saturates the tissue with a quick acting and deep penetrating diffusing chemical, containing powerful preservatives, and containing a proven sanitizer against the welchii bacteria.

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