Co-injection/pre-injection fluids 2101

Primol increases the effectiveness of arterial fluids because it restrains bacterial growth even better than formaldehyde. Primol has no effect on the tissue cells except to lubricate them and keep them open. It further aids in the distribution of arterial fluids.

Primol when diluted according to directions is in equilibrium with body fluids. By this we mean it does not change the water content in the body fluids. Arterial fluid, for instance, takes some of the moisture from the body fluid, hence when using mild solutions of arterial fluid for first injection; tissues and capillary walls are shrunk. Primol having no effect on the body fluids, is thus more desirable.

Primol when properly used does not swell or shrink tissues. This makes two first injections possible, using a total of one gallon of diluted Primol. In using Primol, never more than 8 ounces per half gallon should be used. Stronger solutions shrink tissue. Weaker solutions swell the blood corpuscles. Always use Primol with lukewarm water.

Primol drainage at first seems slow and difficult, but this is due to the washing out of a large amount of heavy blood particles which are not usually removed. As drainage progresses, the rate of flow increases.





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