Accessory Fluids JAUNDROL

Jaundrol is a special compound for the embalming of all jaundice, sulpha-drugs, penicillin and streptomycin cases. It has a formaldehyde index of 20 containing many preservatives which are effective in the presence of organic matter. It is a chemical which causes green biliverdin to turn back to its original color. With today’s newer and stronger drugs it is possible to produce a green body. When Jaundrol is used correctly a GREEN BODY WILL OCCUR LESS OFTEN.

BLEACHING POWER The bleaching powers of Jaundrol are something to appreciate. It will bleach most bodies already turned green. It bleaches green biliverdin back to bilirubin. It will bleach most dyes. In fact, the bleaching powers of this chemical are so great that a dye cannot be incorporated in its formula. For this reason, Jaundrol is furnished clear. However, we do not claim that Jaundrol will emphatically and definitely remove every trace of the yellow color. We do definitely claim that Jaundrol will reduce the yellow color to such a faint shade that the application of cosmetics is the same as in any normal normal case you might handle.Jaundice Fluid Index 20





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