Vionex Surgical Scrub and Gel

Vionex Surgical Scrub and Gel

Vionex represents a new technology in a surgical scrub. It exhibits

outstanding antimicrobial efficacy without dermal irritation. It

eliminates gram negative and gram positive bacteria at 99.99% in

a thirty second contact.

Vionex is exceptionally mild and gentle on your skin. It produces a

smooth, creamy lather and is non-toxic. If you are interested in

maximum protection against a broad spectrum of bacteria, Vionex

is your answer.

Vionex Gel is also available in a 4 oz. bottle that has a long-term

shelf life and is often kept in the glove compartment of removal



Vionex Soap 2222 1 gal. jug

Vionex Soap 2221 18 oz. pump

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